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Time changes everything, even you and I have changed
19 december
random, crazy and lame!
15 going 16 soon.
Westview Primary,
Zhenghua Secondary, 4E2'10.

participate in:
+RCY footdrill competition 2008
+RCY footdrill competition 2009
+RCY NDP'08 marching contigent.
+RCY NDP'09 marching contigent.

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What I wish

pass footdrill gold *NDP'09{actual day)*
*finish holiday homework*
*more free time*
*13 for O level*
*NDP'09 gethering*
*NDP'08 gethering*
*shut my bloddy mouth*
*being promoted to CPL*
*being promoted to LCP*
*being promoted to SGT*
*being promoted to SSGT*
*being promoted to WO!*
*pass mother tongue*
*know more & more friends*
*grow to 160cm*
*new wallet*
*new notebooks*
*more storybooks to read*
*do finish all my homework*

Loves is not to hate.

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I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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start anew:)
♥Sunday, July 4, 2010 || 10:19 PM

just found and edited the blogskin that i wanted:)
i cant say its really nice but i love it!!!
so think will try to update more often ok
and will try to not make my blog become so dam dead..
its late le so going sleep soon..

bye bye.

♥Sunday, June 27, 2010 || 12:32 AM


Hi has been ages since i have post ba..
now i am trying to find nice blogskin..
So i will update my blog if i found a new skin:)
And i hope it will bw soon!!

♥Thursday, December 24, 2009 || 2:13 PM

hello ppl..
Long time never post le loh..
Cause my Computer got problem..
Dam sadded sia..what can do?
I oso heven call the company to ask what happen to my comp loh..Cause i very de lazy..hahas..
I still got homework heven do yet loh..
bye peeps..

♥Tuesday, November 17, 2009 || 6:25 PM

yesterday heritage trail.
my group come in last(by speed).
but by points 2nd and 3rd.
Bravo you did ur best and had a lot of fun along the way.
so dont need to de sad that you all came in last.
wena took alot of pictures too.
today P6 outreach.
last day and..
WEST VIEW today!!!
but did not see mrs vijay.
think she did not come.
but i saw esther's sister.
but did not talk to her.
sadded loh, only wave to her nia.
but still got some ppl injured.
greedridge one more worse sia.
is like so dam manny ppl got blister, fall down, adrasion...
from relax de then become so buzy.
but it is better than nothing to do loh.
towards the end of the outreach, recieve ros call say she kena lock in the RC room by solleh so i have to run up to open the RC room. then i recieve another call from TW.say got emergency. i though someone dying sia. scare me. but actually nth. then when i reach, TW tole me the whole story...

shall end my post here.
bye peeps!!

♥Sunday, November 15, 2009 || 10:16 PM

super long never post already loh...
yay!!pass my footdrill gold!!!
super dam happy!!!
went to bpp meet hetty.
brought some things then went to my house to do some stuff for the heritage trail 2moro.
jiayous for everybody!!
now choinging overdued homework..
dam sian loh..

♥Monday, November 2, 2009 || 9:36 PM

went to singapore flyer yesterday.
was so dam fun loh.
reach there saw alot of ppl dress up in halloween costumes.
took pictures with some of the scary ones.
was super cool loh.
oso took alot of pic inside the flyer.
and keep on telling my father how hungry i was.
2day went for physic remedial.
after that stay in school and plan for heritage trail.
so dam sian loh.
went home at around 6 plus.

ps: hope 2moro wont rain...

fd gold workhop
♥Sunday, November 1, 2009 || 1:04 PM

yesterday went for fd gold workshop.
i was like dam nervous loh yesterday.
reach there at around 8 plus.
went to the mrt toilet to change into my full u.
was like dam weird loh wearing full u and sit on the bus.
but lucky got ppl from other school oso.
cause only ppl taking fd need to use full u.
so at first when i saw like most pf the ppl wearing mufti,
i though we no need to wear sia.
scare me.
when reach campsite,
saw lots of NDP'09 ma'ams
after take attendance went into one of the class
then waited there for about 15 plus mins.
then sir come in and told us to fall in at the carpark.
was splited into two groups.
learn how to slow march
how to give and the technique of commanding.
ended at around 5pm.
went home and was super tired!!!
sleep at 8.30
super early de.
2day wake up whole body cramp and cannot even taklk loh.
ending post liao.

ps: today going SINGAPORE FLYER.super happy!

♥Thursday, October 29, 2009 || 10:10 PM

sweets and sweets and more sweets!!!

today is a very relaxing day at NP.
but the only thing is that we need to chiong the report.
actually we intended not to do de loh.
but cher cay that is is 10% of the grading so we bo pian then just do loh.
but it is quite fun actually..
i am dam glad that i came for this AEM.
i learn many things during the course.
so next time you ppl have a chance to go for the course you all should try it:):)
bye will be a very short post.
but will continue to update at my real personal blog
see you guys soon..hahas

4th day at NgeeAnn poly
♥Wednesday, October 28, 2009 || 9:00 PM

went to school for assembly. and was the only one wearing PE attire to school. then went to change into my class tee after the assembly cause dont want to be stared at in NP. today our teacher Mr Chan is back. first he show us some slides because we had to do a quiz 2moro. hope i will still remember it though. went for break at around 10am. the food today was very nice. went back to class and continue with our lesson. we had an early lunch today cause there will not be a lot of ppl in the MAKAN PLACE. and we could easily find a sit somewhere. ate tom yam noodles for lunch. it was so dam nice and the price is very reasonable and its a very big bowl and i am full when i only eaten half of the whole thing. After we were done, we went out of MAKAN PLACE through the front door and saw that its very crowded and a lot of ppl were gathering around the place. i think there is a very small bazaar about the different cultures around the world going on at that place. After lunch, went back to class and began to do our own net surfing. at around 1.30, we walk down to blk 1 to take the bus. today's field trip we went to SINGTEL at Raffles Place. waited there for very long. finally the in charge of the place brought us up to the call center. he explain to us how the call center operates. it is operate 24/7. the tour ended early as the in charge was rushing for time. we also went home early. reach home at around 5 plus. bb. will update the pictures 2moro. cause something wrong with my com today.

2nd day at ngee ann poly
♥Monday, October 26, 2009 || 10:30 PM

went to school with home clothes. but we did not go inside the school. just wait outside the school gate for the bus. since we were outside our school gate, there is a lot of ppl coming to school starining at us like some kind of alien. it is the same treatment that we got it on the first day that we were at NP for wearing our school uniform. the thing is that when we fit perfectly fine at NP, then we look like alien at school. hahas. when we reach the campus, we try to be funny and climb the stairs up to level 6. and we were all panting when we reach the classroom. and that was like some sort of exercise. just kidding. then Mr Chan was like telling us that not many poly students will be like us climbing the stairs to class. he said that they will take their own sweet time to go up to the place that they want to go. what Mr Chan say de oso got dao li lah. he say that if we are late for class, it is us which is at the loose not the teacher. after that we went to the ground floor for tea break. the food quite nice lah, but i did not try the bee hoon cause don't feel like eating it. it look so...dunno how to say lah. but HJ and WENA say it is very nice. went back to class after that and continue with our project than we were assigned to. than at around 12 plus, we went to the MAKAN PLACE for lunch. finally found some seats so went to buy food. the auntie give so much food and after eating the whole plate, i was so dam full like a pig. when were done eating, we went back to class and we still got plus minus half an hour to spend so went onto face book, ebuddy and YouTube. play until Mr Chan come in but i still continue to play lah. hahas. then he chat with us and take some random pictures of some ppl tables. lolx. after everyone was back, Mr Chan brief us on what is going to happened when we were at CITY PLAZA later. at 1.45pm, we walk down to blk 1 cause we would have some buffer time for us to take some pictures. we took a bus to CITY PLAZA. upon reaching there, we follow Mr Chan to the entrance of the CITY PLAZA. he was like our 'tour guide'. then when he wanted to talk the drill was like so loud that we cannot hear him. so he dring us to CITY PLAZA level 4 to brief us. then we were free to rome around the place for like one an the half hours to finish our task. when we at long last finish, went to a resturant have a drink or so then started walking to KFC where we meet everybody. then end up we were like sitting down there slacking loh. then SH was sleeping, me KH and HJ was chatting all the way. at long last our 'tour guide' came back. so went home from there and took a lot of dam random pictures...
will update more soon:):)